The City by the Sea

Welcome to Summerside,
Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Explore the city by the sea that provides an authentic Island experience and celebrates diverse cultural traditions. Summerside will capture your imagination, awaken your soul and shape the stories you tell your friends when you go back home.

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Upcoming Events

Tue, Jul 5 @ 12:00am / Summerside

Summerside Lobster Carnival

2022 Program Highlights Tuesday, July 5th and Wednesday, July 6th SLC Amateur Country Music Singing Competitio...

Mon, Jul 18 @ 12:00am / Summerside

Summerside Arts Festival

The Summerside Arts Festival is about celebrating, promoting, and growing the city’s artistic and cultural ...

Sun, Jul 24 @ 2:00pm / The Lefurgey Cultural Centre

DiverseCity Multi-Cultural Festival

On July 24, Summerside will come to life with the DiverseCity Multicultural Festival celebrating Canadian mult...

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It’s the perfect time of year to escape to shoreline and enjoy #TheCityByTheSea! With the opportunity to enjoy city living on the seaside, we want you to live your best #seasidelife this summer enjoying everything from...

Warmer weather? Check! Seaside views? Check! Staying active in #TheCityByTheSea.

We've got recommendations just for you! All year round, there's loads to do in Summerside, but now with the warmer weather and sunny skies, we can add some of our favourite summer activities and sports to our list of...

Garden and Flowers

Is there anything sweeter than springtime? In #TheCityByTheSea things are starting to bloom and grow as businesses and tourism operators gear up for all the lovely faces coming to visit them and we LOVE IT!  ...

Pack the Bike

Always something to explore There's always something to explore in Summerside throughout the year, and cruising around the streets can be as easy as hopping on two wheels! So what's stopping you from packing this...

The City By The (Frozen) Sea – A Winter Getaway to Summerside

A winter staycation in Summerside?  Heck yes! [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]If you understand my enthusiasm at the prospect of exploring PEI’s city by the sea, please take the express lane to the next...

No Blues this winter! Head to Summerside for loads of fun!!!

We know there's still a lot of winter to come in Prince Edward Island, but we're not going to let it keep us down! We've created a guide to help you keep cozy and enjoy the winter days in #TheCityByTheSea!  Put a...

Everything You Need to Know About the Winter Warmth Festival 2022

The Winter Warmth Festival is coming; here's everything you need to know!  There's a sprinkling of snow on the ground, and the winter season has just begun in #TheCityByTheSea! Living your best seaside life...

Guest blog post by Shannon Courtney

A staycation in Summerside? Twist my rubber arm!  Growing up in nearby Kensington, I visited Summerside countless times as a kid, but after settling in Charlottetown 10 years ago, I rarely found a reason to make the...

Say it With Local

Sing it with us, "It's the holiday season..." We don't know about you, but we love a good carol or two! And, can you believe it? December is here, Seasiders! How have we already wound up in the final month of 2021?...

Spend Fall in Summerside… and In Your Kitchen

With the fall well underway, we know our hearts are full with the spirit (and foods of the season). In #TheCityByTheSea, restaurants have taken the opportunity to introduce some fall flavours to their menus, while...