Bboyizm: The evolution of B-boying

B-boying, born in the early 1970’s, is a dance form that now has a significant international following and reputation. In addition to its roots in funk music and African American culture (contemporary black history), the dynamic acrobatic aspects of B-boying (Breaking) make it one of the most unique dances in the world. The show takes the audience from the 70’s through the 80’s and into the 90’s with dramatic costume and music changes, building up to the dance form as it is practiced today. Yvon Soglo (B-boy Crazy Smooth) brings together some of the best street dancers in Canada to present an interactive show that will amaze young audiences and adults alike, while educating them on the evolution of the dance.

About B-Boyizm
Bboyizm is the premier street dance company in Canada, run by dancer-choreographer, Crazy Smooth. We promote and preserve the foundation, authenticity, and essence of all street dances. Our creations and our programs are platforms for authentic self-expression by artists and students alike.

Date: Saturday, February 17, 2024, 7:30pm
Adults: $35; under 19s: $25. All prices include tax & fees


Sat, Feb 17 2024




Harbourfront Theatre


124 Heather Moyse Dr, Summerside