Piano Heist

This is a “Pay What You Will’ performance.

Lifelong friends, and colleagues, Nico Rhodes, and Patrick Courtin, shocked and appalled by the realization that piano just isn’t cool anymore, set off on a divine quest to redeem the keyboard and reinstate its reputation as the greatest instrument of ALL TIME!

Armed with the music of the greatest composers, songwriters and performers of the past 400 years, and the technology of the 21st century – their virtual orchestra (Bob), Nico and Patrick deliver everything from classical piano raptures to bombastic boogie woogie, from romantic piano ballads to 80’s keyboard synth battles in their show Piano Heist! What ensues is a mishmash of theatrical wonder, comedy, audience participation, heartfelt stories, a pinch of history, and a world of musical madness.

About Pay What You Will: 

“Pay What You Will” is offered on select performances. Here’s how it works:

  • You still need a ticket. Book your seats in advance through this website (www.harbourfronttheatre.com) by calling our Box Office at 902 888 2500.
  • At the performance, we will provide an envelope and ask audience members to pay whatever amount they wish (based on their own individual experience) following the performance.

You decide the price of your tickets!

The objective of “Pay What You Will” is to increase access to programs, and to encourage patrons to take a chance on new and exciting performances.


Thu, Nov 2 2023




Harbourfront Theatre


124 Heather Moyse Dr, Summerside