No Blues this winter! Head to Summerside for loads of fun!!!

We know there’s still a lot of winter to come in Prince Edward Island, but we’re not going to let it keep us down! We’ve created a guide to help you keep cozy and enjoy the winter days in #TheCityByTheSea

Put a little hygge in your home 

Don’t worry, we’ll explain. Hygge (hoo-guh) is a Danish and Norwegian word for that cozy quality that makes a person feel content and comfortable (a cultural characteristic they’ve incorporated into descriptive verbs and adjectives). Try this exercise – close your eyes and picture a place or room you think of as cozy. Maybe there’s a fire going, some twinkly lights strung up for a nice glowy feel, there’s some music playing or maybe your favourite movie, and finally, your favourite candle or incense is burning. BOOM. Hygge. You can find some ultimate hygge-vibes in Summerside after stopping into HOME by Caley Joy and Celtic Mist. While you visit, you can pick up a comforting blanket, your new favourite pillow, and a hand-poured candle from Caley and her team, and then head into Celtic Mist and grab your new favourite incense and a couple of healing crystals to bring the good energy into your home. 

Samuel’s After Dark 

There’s always something to do in Summerside, and new to the line-up is Samuel’s After Dark, a curated evening with an alcoholic beverage and some of your favourite treats. The crew at Samuel’s will be dimming the lights, and you can enjoy some time with your pals with a new downtown experience! 

Get crafty with pottery!

One of our favourite activities in Summerside is the Play in Clay Workshops at Island Stoneware! Have you always wanted to be a potter but throwing some clay on a wheel is just a bit too much for you? The squad at Island Stoneware has you covered! You get to choose what you want to craft – a bowl, plate, catch-all dish, which size you’d like, the designs you’d like to stamp on, and one of their classic glazes! It’s a load of fun and an excellent way for you to let your creativity shine! 

Get outdoors! 

The temperature may be cold, but it’s always a perfect day by the sea when the sun’s out! There are several trail circuits to enjoy in Summerside, including a few in Rotary Friendship Park, which means it’s the perfect time to strap on the snowshoes and go for a walk (even under the stars, because the night sky speaks for itself)! And for a truly magical time, go skating outside at the Oval in Queen Elizabeth Park. Especially at night with the soft glow of the lights, skating outside will have you reliving your childhood! Our favourite place even in the wintertime is the waterfront, so why not walk along the boardwalk or winter bike your way through the city? 

Have a relaxing staycation 

There’s nothing better than leaving your “real life” behind and getting away for a day or two (we know we love a good getaway), and there’s no better place to stay than the Loyalist Country Inn. With its inviting lobby to recently renovated rooms, it offers a great view of the water and is only a few steps from the downtown (Evermoore Brewery is right behind it)! And if you’re missing the pool life, they’ve got a great aquatics room for you and your family to have a dip and hang out or hit the sauna! 

Enjoy a day at the spa

It’s no secret that wintertime can be harsh on our skin, and with everything going on in the world, it’s also no secret we might be feeling a bit stressed. To take the edge off, head to Mint Spa for some needed “you-time” and enjoy anything from a pedicure to a facial to the signature massages like the relaxation massage or the stress fix. If you’re looking to do something with your SO (significant other), they also offer a couples massage for unwinding with each other. 

Take in a show 

With two incredible places to enjoy a night of music, taking in a show in Summerside is a top-notch experience. Over at The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada, we’ve got local favourites like Michael Pendergast and Irish Mythen, not to mention comedian James Mullinger (back by popular demand, we should add). While recently rejuvenated, Harbourfront Theatre has a great line-up coming with Red Sky’s ballet performance to Classic Albums Live’s Led Zepplin. 

A day with friends and fam at Credit Union Place 

We know spending time with friends and family is always a cause for fun, and there are so many family-friendly things to do in Summerside – like heading to the Credit Union Place. You can spend the morning in the pool, swimming laps, floating around, or go for a slide and then grab a bite to eat at Fiveelevenwest. All winter, they’ve got public skates in the Island Petroleum Energy Centre (if you don’t have skates, don’t worry, they offer rentals). Also, who doesn’t love time at the bowling lanes? From candy and slushies to arcade games, there’s loads to do at The Lanes Bowling Alley (DYK the lanes are licensed? So why not have an adult night out with friends and order some food and a brew?) 

We swear, we could go on for miles with things to do, but we want to leave some up to your imagination! Don’t forget – we’ve also got the Winter Warmth Festival for you to enjoy from Feb. 7 – 27, and we can’t wait to see you there! 

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