Are you a soloist? And we don’t necessarily mean musically? But are you someone who loves to travel ALONE? Then add #TheCityByTheSea to your travel list 🌊💙

Why visit Summerside by yourself?

It’s a social city! With things to do at various times of day at various times of the year, you’re never truly alone! We don’t want to plan your whole itinerary, but here are some of our suggestions on how you can enjoy the SOLO YOLO in Summerside! 

Travel the city in different ways

Walking, biking, automobiles – oh my! Traversing Summerside is easy and friendly to all abilities! If you’re visiting the Island by car, make sure your tank is full or your battery charged (did you know Summerside has more electric car charging stations per capita than anywhere in else in North America?) If you prefer to cycle, try using our bike lanes, active transportation lanes, and trail systems! Or if you’re a walker, take to the sidewalks for a cityscape or our trails and boardwalk for some scenic views. 

Take in local events

There’s so much to do! From toe-tapping tunes, to culinary tastings, you can enjoy some fun on your own or with a crowd of people! One of the events we’re most excited about coming up is the Ceilidh in the Park happening in the garden grounds of our historic district. Featuring Michael Pendergast, you can bet you’ll be bopping along to his songs, laughing at his stories, and enjoying the outdoors! Michael, known for turning Island stories into songs, can find a tune or tale to fit any occasion, capturing the heart of everyone with the sounds of life on the sea, farmer’s fields, and the chatter of Island folk. Happening every Friday for nine weeks beginning Aug. 4 from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm! 

In Summerside, we also have some incredible indoor venues like Harbourfront Theatre and The Scott MacAulay Performing Arts Centre! Both of these locales have incredible line-ups including some summer-long series.

At Harbourfront Theatre, don’t miss Catherine MacLellan as she tells the story of her father (and Canadian music icon) Gene MacLellan. With only eight shows, Catherine will re-embark on a journey featuring her father’s music while myths and legends surrounding Gene’s life and music. This residency runs from July 4 – Aug. 23. You can grab your tickets here.

At the Scott MacAulay Performing Arts Centre, you won’t want to miss Highland Storm. Recently re-worked, Highland Storm features the tales, music, and dance of the first Scottish clans to arrive on PEI. Audiences will be transported over 250 years ago, when three ships; the Annabella, the Edinburgh and the Falmouth, arrived with families from Scotland to a new Island with little more than the clothes on their backs. You can find your tickets here.

Listen like a local

Speaking of music, before you visit, don’t forget to make a travel playlist! With endlessly talented singers, songwriters and musicians on PEI there’s no better way to prepare for a trip to Summerside than listening to some local music! Here are some of our favourites:

💙 Shane Pendergast

💙 Catherine MacLellan 

💙 Paper Lions 

💙 Dylan Menzie

💙 Logan Richard 

💙 Rachel Beck 

💙 Nathan Wiley

💙 Lennie Gallant

Want more songs? Check out our curated SOLO ✌️ YOLO playlist! Click here.

Stop in at the Visitor Information Centre (VIC)

We’re here to help! Have a question? Let us answer it! The Summerside Visitor Information Centre is located at 124 Heather Moyse Drive (inside the Harbourfront Theatre). Our Exploration Experts are here to guide you along your trip if you have any questions, wonder what you should do next, or where your next destination should be! Did we mention we have maps and travel guides? With maps, brochures, and other guiding materials, we can tailor your visit to Summerside and answer any queries about other regions on the Island too!

Sign up for an experience

What’s better than learning a new thing, or experiencing something different than doing so in a seaside city? Some of our favourite activities or experiences in Summerside include Play in Clay; a pottery workshop with Island Stoneware. During the workshop, you’ll learn about pottery, some techniques, and make your own item to take home! For more information click here.

Last summer, some of our best memories come from evenings at The Knot Beach Bar and Rentals! From evenings on the water in a kayak or paddle board, to sipping wine at a tasting, or enjoying some easy yoga, you won’t want to miss the fun the crew at The Knot put on! You can find more information about The Knot Beach Bar and Rentals here.

Shop like a local

When it comes to shopping, two words: SHOP LOCAL. Our local shops are fabulous! From sweet home wares and delicate scents at Home by Caley Joy, to crystals, tarot, and new age items at Celtic Mist there’s something for everyone! Here’s a breakdown:

💙 Home goods and candles: Home By Caley Joy

💙 New age items and spiritual healing: Celtic Mist 

💙 Men’s and Women’s fashions: ReWilde Bohemian Luxury, Edge 251 Mens and Women’s fashions, Go Girl! Fashions and Accessories 

💙 For the babies and kids: Felicity Cove Baby Boutique, The Tickle Trunk

💙 Souvenirs: Summerside Souvenirs and Treats, Daydreaming Gifts and Workshop

💙 Thrifting: Most Wanted Pawn, Vintage

💙 Island and Atlantic made products: The Summerside Farmers Market, Samuel’s Coffee House, Island Stoneware

Eat like a local

There are so many restos in #TheCityByTheSea! If you’re a pizza person, we can’t recommend enough Evermoore Brewing Co. – a local micro-brewery which features in-house brews, beer-infused pizza and dishes filled with Island products and flavours! One of our new favourites is House of Spice Indian Restaurant! With a made-to-your-spice-level approach their dishes are filled with flavour and will make you see savoury foods in a whole new way. If you’re on the go and craving that spice, we also recommend PEI Roti! With a menu full of Caribbean and Indian dishes, they’re the perfect spot to grab a bite for the road. For the weekends, you’re a local if you spend your morning at the Farmer’s Market getting some crepes for breakfast or a British sausage roll! If you’re a brunch and coffee person, we suggest stopping into Samuel’s Coffee House. With its locally sourced and freshly made baked goods (ask them about the raspberry cheesecake), their coffee beans, in-house tea company, and its name coming from the historic map maker Samuel Holland, you’re sure to find a story and something delicious to eat! 

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