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Island Dreams in the Studio – Presented by Island Stoneware

It is said that those who live on an island have the most vivid and beautiful dreams! Here on Prince Edward Island, with the ocean all around us – the winter winds and dark nights lend themselves well to deep and dreamy sleep.

Everyone dreams yet not everyone remembers their nighttime dreams…or their dreams don’t seem to make any sense! Some have repetitive dreams that never seem to have an “ending”. People from the past, long gone, may appear in our dreams…often as archetypes (knowledge passed down from our ancestors). You may see familiar island images in your dreams – the red fox, a blue jay or a field of pink lady’s slippers. Or you may wake with a start – nightmarish images staying with you throughout the day!

As the motto of PEI says, (“parva sub ingenti”) we may be small yet we are under the protection of the great. And so it will be for those who attend this afternoon retreat in the Island Stoneware studio – surrounded by clay in all of its stages. You will be safe and gently held as we explore our dreams together…only sharing what you feel comfortable with. The workshop is hosted at the Island Stoneware pottery studio. The studio is a place of creative energy and an ideal spot for us to explore our dreams.

You are invited to bring a few notes about one of your dreams (sleep or waking dreams) for your eyes only. We will use two types of dreamwork: individual dream-maps and a guided group experience.

Each participant will receive a gift bag filled with goodies including a unique Island Stoneware “dream tray” with a note pad and pen. After our retreat, you will want to take a few notes of your dreams (ideally upon awakening) to use the skills learned in our retreat.

Please note: We will be following all COVID related health protocols in place at the time of the workshop including the the required use of masks and social distancing.


Sun, Jan 24 2021




Island Stoneware


664B Water St E, Summerside